Committees are designed to promote discussion and on-going communication with the membership in a specific area. Committees assist with any specific issues relating to a motion from the AGM. Committees may suggest actions to the Board of Directors. Committee members may represent the IMAA at meetings as deemed pertinent by the chair of the committee. Committee members may not make any decisions that contravene the mandate of the organization itself or the by-laws of the corporation.

1. Advocacy Tasks Forces
Advocacy-related activities are at the core of IMAA’s mission. To attain our long-term goal of advancing and strengthening the Canadian media arts community, IMAA forms Advocacy Task Forces on an ad hoc basis for specific purposes. Examples of recent task forces include the Arts Day on the Hill initiative, Date Your MP and Pre-budget Consultation. IMAA also drafts position papers, briefs and letters as well as organizing meetings to ensure open and constructive dialogue between the media arts community and policymakers and funding bodies.

2. 2016 National Media Arts Summit Committee
The Conference Organizing Committee will coordinate a successful biannual National Media Arts Conference to take place in Quebec City in late spring 2016.

3. Exhibition Standards
The goal of the Exhibition Standards Committee is to provide information, resources and guidelines related to exhibiting media art. The committee also works with the IMAA membership to update its minimum Recommended Fee Schedule.

4. Preservation Committee
The goal of the Preservation Committee is threefold. First, to work with the community as a whole to sensitize the importance and timelines of media art preservation, as well as the sharing of resources, documents and information on best practices. Second, to conduct research and collect information in order to identify and address preservation challenges. Third, to lobby arts funders, granting bodies and institutions for resources and programs to help IMAA members access support for preservation projects.

5. 2016 Media Arts Prize Committee
The National Media Arts Prize Steering Committee is mandated to coordinate a successful and sustainable biannual National Media Arts Prize, building on the successful experience of the 2014 inaugural Prize.

6. Distribution Roundtable
The Distribution Roundtable serves as a forum for IMAA members to discuss issues affecting distribution of media arts.

7. Media Arts Delegation Working Group
The Media Arts Delegation Working Group will organize a Canadian Media Arts Delegation, composed of media artists and representatives of media arts organizations. This Delegation will participate in an international festival, event or other media arts gathering in order to raise the profile of Canadian media artists and of the media arts sector as a whole.

8. Review of General Policies
IMAA recently adopted new by-laws pursuant to the Not For Profit Corporations Act. It took this opportunity to review and revise its General Policies by striking the General Policy Review Committee, which will report and make recommendations to the Board and Membership at the 2015 AGM.