IMAA’s pre-budget submission 2014
. Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance
IMAA TIDAL FORCE 2014 – National Media Arts Summit: June 8-11 – Halifax, Nova Scotia
. Read the press release
Budget 2014: Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes to provide ongoing funding of $105 million per year in support of core arts programs for 2015-2016.

Letter addressed to The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance.

Response from The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance (March 2014)
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Initiative: towards a national discussion about the future of Canada’s television system.
”Let’s Talk TV: A conversation with Canadians about the future of television”. 
Letter addressed to CRTC


Media Arts Day – Ottawa
The Canadian Arts Coalition’s signature event, Arts Day on Parliament Hill, is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – and we are now actively recruiting artists, arts supporters, and arts managers from across the country to take part in a briefing session on the evening of October 21, and a day of meetings with MPs and senior officials in Ottawa on October 22.  We’re looking for people who can speak convincingly about the value that the arts bring to Canadian communities and the impact of federal arts investment, from all artistic disciplines, linguistic groups, regions and cultures.
Date your Member of parliament
For the second year, the IMAA is organizing a “date your MP” campaign in a proactive effort to raise awareness about the media arts and to present recommendations that are shared by the sector as a whole. Between May 13th and May 20th Members of Parliament will be in their home ridings and many of them will be available to meet with their constituents. Please find here an advocacy toolkit that will help you frame the discussion.
It includes a proposed script, a leave-behind document with IMAA’s key recommendations and a page of recent articles and studies that support our recommendations.
We suggest that you go in a team of two. It helps create a lively discussion and generates a stronger message.

IMAA day
The IMAA will hold a members meeting the day following Arts Day on October 23 which will be a full day of discussions about the key issues and challenges facing the media arts sector. This will also be an important occasion for members to direct the IMAA board and staff on central advocacy objectives. The meeting will happen shortly after the Canada Council’s multi-year deadline, and will be a valuable opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the Media Arts Section staff about the Council’s directions as outlined by the change agenda. Senior management from the Film & Video Policy and Programs at Canadian Heritage will also attend as observers. The goal will be to bring the media arts community together to collectively shape our own future.
Media Arts Prize
Letter of support from the Minister James Moore (May 2013)
Bill C-60
Regarding the new Budget Bill C-60 that contains an amendment to the Financial Administration Act giving Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Cabinet the power to dictate collective bargaining, terms for salaries, benefits and working conditions for several crown corporations.
• Letter to The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage
Response from the Heritage Critic, Pierre Nantel (v.f) (May 2013)
Response from the Honourable James Moore (June 2013)
Meeting with the new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
IMAA’s National Director, Jennifer Dorner had a meeting, April 29th 2013, with the new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Daniel K Seligman from Pop Montreal (in Trudeau’s riding) to discuss the vital role that the arts have in our diverse culture. This is especially important at a time when there is a need to rebuild Canada’s cultural identity and values in response to significant changes unfolding in the world around (demographic, technological, economic, generational, political). Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, perfect occasion to invest in the arts, to showcase where we have been as a nation, where we would like to go, and what we should project to other nations. Justin Trudeau is 100% in support of “doubling” the Canada Council’s funding. Jennifer presented the new liberal leader with several reports and studies outlining the important economic and social impact that the arts have in Canada in hopes that they build a solid arts platform. He is very willing to work with the arts sector to ensure that he “gets it right”.
Media Arts Prize crowdfunding campaign
The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) is launching a crowdfunding campaign today to finance an inaugural National Media Arts Prize. The first of its kind in Canada, the IMAA will be gathering funds on Indiegogo to establish the award.
We have a powerful video illustrating the importance of this cause which is also visible on our Indiegogo Campaign page.
To share our campaign page with your audience, please circulate the following link:
. Read the press release
March 21st 2013 – Budget 2013 : Lost Opportunity for Advanced Training in Media Arts
Read the press release
IMAA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts. 
Read the Press Release
View video portraits of the award winners, commissioned in partnership with the Independent Media Arts Alliance.
In support of W2
 read the letter to Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancouver City Council (January 2013)


In solidarity with the Idle No More movement, read the letters sent from IMAA and NIMAC
Open Letter to the Right Honourable Governor General David Johnston and the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper (December 2012)
+ Response from P. Monteith, The Executive Correspondence Officer of the Office of the Prime Minister (February 2013)
Letter to Chief Theresa Spence (December 2012)
The IMAA held its board meeting in Ottawa to coincide with the Arts Day on Parliament Hill October 23th, 2012. Media arts had a strong presence in these meetings with members of parliament from all parties.  We were equipped with a video camera to show the highlights of the day: IMAA Video IMAA supports sustained government funding to CBC/Radio-Canada. Read the statement
Read the IMAA answers to the Pre-budget Consultation Questions for the 2013 Federal Budget(August 2012)
Letter to The Honourable John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development(July 2012)
+ Response from The Honourable John Duncan (September 2012)
Letter to The Honourable Kevin Doherty, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport (July 2012)
+ Response from The Honourable Kevin Doherty (August 2012)


Letter to Youssef El Jaï, Head, Media Arts Section: Concerns about Grants to Film and Video Artists (November 2011)
+ Response from Youssef El Jaï (December 2011)
+ Response from IMAA (December 2011)
Letter to Hon. Darrell Dexter, Premier of Nova Scotia and Hon. Marilyn More, Minister for Education and Labour (November 2011)
+ Response (December 2011)
Letter to Cecilia Ramirez, Manager, Partnerships and Events | National Film Board (November 2011)
+ Notes from meeting between the IMAA and the NFB (December 2011)
Letter to Halbe Zijlstra, Dutch Secretary of state for culture  (July 2011)
+ Response (August 2011)
Letter to Robert Sirman: Petition for the Bell Canada Award in Video Art  (April 2011)
+ Response  (May 2010)  List of the petition’s signatories
Letter to the Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick (April 2011)
Letter to Youssef El Jaï re: IMAA acknowledgement on processing the grant requests within the new program for media arts organizations. (March 2011)
Letter to the Honourable Stephanie Cadieux, BC Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (December 2010) + Response  (February 2011)
Letter to Youssef El Jaï re: IMAA feedback on the Grants to Media Arts Organizations. (January 2011)
Letter to Robert Sirman: the Bell Canada Award in Video Art (January 2011)


2010-2011 Annual Report
IMAA submission to House of Commons Standing Committee on Heritage Study on Emerging and Digital Media (October 2010)
IMAA Submission to BC Legislature Select Standing Committee on Finance Budget 2011 Consultation (October 2010)
Letter to Youssef El Jaï re: IMAA Request to Canada Council Media Arts Section (September 2010)
Open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the transition to digital television broadcasting (September 2010)
IMAA press release on BC government arts policy (August 2010)
Letter to the Honourable Kevin Krueger, BC Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts (August 2010)
Pre-Budget Submission: Standing Committee on Finance – House of Commons (August 2010)
IMAA submission to Government of Canada Digital Economy Consultation (July 2010)
Letter to Hon. Lindsay Blackett, Minister of Culture and Community Spirit, Province of Alberta (July 2010)
Remarks by the IMAA at CRTC Community Television Policy Review (April 2010)
Documentary Network response to Canada Media Fund guidelines as endorsed by the IMAA (April 2010)
Fair’s Fair Coalition letter on Copyright Act reform as endorsed by the IMAA (March 2010)
Press release on BC arts cutbacks (March 2010)
Letter to the Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia (March 2010)
IMAA Submission to CRTC 2009-661 Review of Community Television Policy (February 2010)


2009-2010 Annual Report
Letter to Youssef El Jaï re: Canada Council Media Arts Section Program Architecture Review (December 2009)
Letter to BC Premier Campbell re: Finance Committee Recommendations  (November 2009)
+Response (December 2009)
IMAA Press Release on Pacific Cuts (September 2009)
Pre-Budget Submission – Standing Committee on Finance – House of Commons (August 14, 2009)
Letter to Kevin Krueger (July 2009) + Response from Kevin Krueger (August 2009)
Response from IMAA  (September 2009)
Canada Art Council Press Release (June 2009)
Letter to Valerie Creighton + Response letter from V. Creighton (March 2009)
IMAA Press Release on Canada Media Fund (March 2009)
Letter to Robert Sirman + Response from Robert Sirman (February 2009)
Letter to Wayne Clarkson of Telefim Canada (February 2009)
Letter to James Moore  (January 2009) + Response (June 2009)
Federal Stimulus Budget Invests in Arts and Culture – Press Release (January 2009)
ART NOW – Economic incentives for investing in the arts in Canada (January 2009)
Letter to James Flaherty  (January 2009) + Response to Budget letter from Mr. Flaherty (April 2009)


2008-2009 Annual Report
Letter to Youssef El Jaï about Employment Standards (December 2008)
CRTC New Media Brief
VOTE ARTS – Federal election 2008
Letter to Youssef El Jaï about Action Plan (September 2008)
Letter to Josée Verner (September 2008)
Documentary Network Letter (August 2008)
Visual Arts Alliance Press Release (August 2008)
Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget consultations (August 2008)
Letter to Robert Sirman  (July 2008)
Letter to Youssef El Jaï (July 2008)
Letter to Josée Verner about cultural policy (March 2008)
Response Mr. Carson (May 2008)
Letter to Josée Verner about Bill C-10 (March 2008)
IMAA Press release on Bill C-10 (March 2008)
Letter to Youssef El Jaï  (March 2008)
Letter to Robert Sirman (Jan 2008)
Response from Youssef El Jaï (March 2008)
IMAA Recommended Fee Schedule


Brief to Standing Committee on Finance (August 2007)
Letter to Robert Sirman (May 2007) + Response (July 2007)
Brief to Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (February 2007)
Letter to James Flaherty (February 2007)
2006-2007 Annual Report  (September 2007)


IMAA 2006-2007 Action Plan (November 2006)
2005-2006 Annual Report (September 2006)
Flying Squad Report Summary (September 2006)
Brief to Standing Committee on Finances  (September 2006)
Letter to Bev Oda + Response (March 2006)
Letter to Kitty Scott (January 2006)
Letter to Kitty Scott (March 2006)
Letter to Robert Sirman + Response (May 2006)
Comments to the proposed changes to the Operating grant for production centres at the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts section (February 2006)


AGM 2005 Minutes (September 2005)
2004-2005 Annual Report (September 2005)
Brief to Standing Committee on Finances (November first, 2005)
Brief to Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage – Film Policy Review (February 2005)
Cultural diversity list (posted August 2005)
Letter to John Hobnay + Reply (December 2005)
Recommendations submitted to the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts section, regarding the review of the Operating grant for production centres programs.


2003- 2004 Annual Report (June 2004)
Brief to Standing Committee on Finances – Pre-budgetary consultations (September 2004)
Memo to members on Certification (May 2004)
Minutes Annual General Meeting (June 2004)