regional meetings

MARCH 2013

Topics for Discussion for the Spring Member Regional Meetings:

1. Upcoming Canada Council Multi-year Application Deadline:

The next Canada Council for the Arts application for the Grants to Media Arts Organizations: Multi-Year Operating program are due December 1st 2013.  The IMAA questioned the council on their process of revising the fair notice and regular adjustment policies.
The revised policies have not yet been published and the IMAA will work to ensure that the policies are communicated to members as much in advance as possible in order to provide tools and resources to assist organizations throughout the process.
For the last deadline, in 2010, a one-time intervention of $1 million was added to the first year of the three-year cycle. This was in response to the major shift in technology such as the widespread move to HD, most centres were not equipped to serve their communities.  At the same time, the Council introduced an increase of 100% to the subsequent years of the multi-year funding. In other words, in 2010 the Council’s equipment budget went from $300,000 annual allocation for equipment to $1 600,000 for year one and then $600,000 for the years 2 and 3.  

For the coming multi-year deadline, the equipment budget remains at $600,000 for each of the three years in the cycle. Organizations applying for multi-year funding can apply for each year of the cycle.
Please discuss whether there are other concerns or questions related to the upcoming deadline so that the IMAA can relay information back and forth between members and the Council as needed.

2. IMAA First Ever Media Arts Award Crowdfunding Campaign
The IMAA is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign this April. Thanks to the dedicated work IMAA staff member Ziona Eyob, the goals of the prize are shaping up nicely and we are producing a video that will go up on the Indiegogo website. If your region has ideas of who to send this link to in your region, please discuss and help spread the word, donate if you can and help us get this important initiative off the ground!

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3. IMAA Office Move to Ottawa – A Discussion Paper
Kevin Allen, IMAA Board President has prepared a discussion paper that looks at the pros and cons of moving the IMAA office to Ottawa.  This document will be distributed by your regional directors and discussed at your next regional meeting.

4.  General Advocacy
As always, the National IMAA Office benefits by getting feedback by the regions about various advocacy topics, burning issues and success stories by members to help it create a strong vision for the sector. The advocacy committee will be meeting to strategize about how to best advocate on behalf of its members and would benefit by getting recommendations on issues of national importance.

For the second year, the IMAA is organizing a “date your MP” campaign in a proactive effort to raise awareness about the media arts and to present recommendations that are shared by the sector as a whole.
Between May 13th and May 20th Members of Parliament will be in their home ridings and many of them will be available to meet with their constituents.
Please find attached an advocacy toolkit that will help you frame the discussion. It includes a proposed script, a leave-behind document with IMAA’s key recommendations and a page of recent articles and studies that support our recommendations.
We suggest that you go in a team of two. It helps create a lively discussion and generates a stronger message.

To join this initiative:
  1. Find your Member of Parliament using your postal code (home or office):
  2. Call the phone number / and or email your MP in their constituency office and ask for a meeting between the week of May 13th and May 20th. It could take multiple attempts to connect with your MP. Some MPs might not be available that week but willing to meet at a later date. We encourage that!
  3. Bring with you to the meeting the advocacy toolkit (see attached). It is always a good idea to bring in concrete examples of how current federal government directions are affecting you as an artist or as a cultural worker, or as a Canadian citizen.  To have the most impact, you can also talk about the specific importance of the media arts within your region.
  4. If the MP has any questions that you cannot answer, you can contact Jennifer Dorner at the IMAA who can follow up and provide information. (For example, one MP last year wanted to know details about funding to the Canada Council related to discipline over the past 20 years.)
  5. Report back! The IMAA board and staff are eager to hear back about how the meetings went. If you could send a quick summary email to Jennifer Dorner at we will be able to compile the results and share them with the full membership at our AGM teleconference on June 13th at 2PM EDT!

The Advocacy Toolkit:
Advocacy Leave Behind
Meeting Script

5. Upcoming Important Dates for IMAA Members
Teleconference: JUNE 13th 2013
There will be a members general meeting held by teleconference on Thursday June 13th at 2PM EDT. On the agenda will be to approve the audited financial statements and a report from the National Director and President.  Proxy voting will be an option for those who cannot attend the teleconference.  Information on how to connect and affiliated documents will be emailed in advance of the meeting.  

In Person Ottawa members meeting: OCTOBER 22nd – 23rd 2013
There will also be an in-person members meeting to coincide with Arts Day on the Hill which takes place in Ottawa next October 22nd.  The Arts Day on the Hill is coordinated by the Canadian Arts Coalition, of which IMAA is on the steering committee.  This is a strategic way to have greater participation from the media arts sector in this very important arts advocacy initiative. The members meeting will be on the 23rd, the day following the Hill day and will include regional reports, committee reports, and will be the opportunity for members to give input on the direction of the IMAA organization.

TIDAL FORCE National Media Arts Conference and Festival in Halifax: June 2014
Details coming soon!

6. Regional Directors
For those IMAA board members who are completing their 2 year terms, an election will be required in the region prior to the June 13th teleconference where the new directors will be announced. Consider running! We are entering a very important and exciting time for arts advocacy and there is so much to be learned from being an important part of a national conversation.