This site contains a number of resources for artists and artist organisations, including:

IMAA fee schedule for calendar year 2017

IMAA fee schedule for calendar year 2018

IMAA fee schedule for calendar year 2019

Canada Media Fund launches new online crowdfunding resource in partnership with Nordicity! 

Website dedicated to information on crowdfunding:

The new site, developed in partnership by Nordicity and the CMF, features a directory listing some 50 crowdfunding platforms accessible to Canadians and featuring the platforms that are most relevant to creative content projects. It’s also designed to throw light on the regulatory and legal framework in Canada relating to crowdfunding as well as facts and statistics on the phenomenon, plus a list of best practices and recent case studies of successful crowdfunding campaigns.

The Distinct Role of Artist-Run Centres in the Visual Arts Ecology. 

This study identifies the various roles and mandates of artist–run centres (ARCs) as distinct from other visual arts organizations in such areas as public engagement, community arts, critical writing, multidisciplinary activity, cultural diversity and Aboriginal engagement. The Canada Council commissioned external consultants to conduct this study in December 2010 to inform its understanding of the place of ARCs in the overall visual arts ecology.

Download the study.

The Additional funding for Documentary Guide|Observatoire du documentaire.

Canada, USA, Europe Download the Additional funding for documentary Guide


Public Engagement in the Arts|canada council for the arts.

Discussion paper 2012-10-16

The Cultural Worker’s Guide to Human Resources Management.

Consult The Cultural Worker’s Guide to Human Resources Management in a Media Arts Organization and How to Use it.

New edition March 2011 ©CQRHC

Media Arts Preservation Information.

By arrangement with Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) and Plateforme pour l’Archivage et la Préservation des Arts Audiovisuels (PACKED), the following links to information on preservation of media artworks are offered:

THIS LINK includes both a “Preservation 101” tutorial, and a link to the IMAP Online Preservation Resource Guide, which addresses preservation issues for single-channel video, computer-based arts and installation.

THIS LINK contains a French translation of the IMAP Preservation guide.

Employment Standards in Canadian Artist-Run Centres and Independent Media Arts Centres, Fall 2009.

Consult the study.

Prairie NWT Region Media Arts Organizations Compensation Review and Recommendations.

By Cecilia Araneda
Consult the study about compensation review and recommendations.

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