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IMAA recommended fee schedule 2013-16
Report on Employment Standards and Human Resource Management in Canadian Artist-Run Media Arts Organizations

The IMAA commissioned MDR-Burgess Consultants to undertake a comprehensive examination of the employment standards in media artist-run organizations with the overall goal of recommending reference tools to improve human resources management. The report demonstrates that despite the excellent service being provided by artist-run media arts organizations, they face significant human resource challenges because of lack of funding. Base salaries examined for this report are comparable to findings in other studies, which were found to be low in relation to other not-for-profit sectors.

Excerpt from the report: Recommended Rate Structure for Employment Positions and Other Human Resources Tools.

Caring for Video Art

Best Practices Guide for Organizations

As Canada’s leader in video art distribution, Vtape provides services to individual artists, audiences and institutions that participate in the production, exhibition and acquisition of video art and that contribute to its critical appreciation.

The development of the Caring for Video Art: Best Practices Guide is a result of Vtape’s 30 year commitment to the preservation of video art. Active intervention in the preservation process has been made necessary by the unpredictable nature of videotape technology and the need to preserve this art form for future generations. This guide is intended to be used as a tool for organizations to develop best practices that will assist in documentation and inventory, and the creation of suitable storage environments, as well as the handling and maintenance of their video art. The techniques and processes discussed in this guide are for video works created and found on magnetic videotape formats such as 1⁄2 ̋ open-reel, 3⁄4 ̋ Umatic, VHS, Betacam SP, MiniDV and Digital Betacam. In this guide the steps follow current best practices in the field of video preservation and conservation and have been designed so that they are practical, feasible and accessible in terms of language used and expertise required.
Cassette Condition Assessment
DVD Assessment
Open Reel Assessment

Media Arts Preservation Information

By arrangement with Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) and Plateforme pour l’Archivage et la Préservation des Arts Audiovisuels (PACKED), the following links to information on preservation of media artworks are offered:

THIS LINK includes both a “Preservation 101” tutorial, and a link to the IMAP Online Preservation Resource Guide, which addresses preservation issues for single-channel video, computer-based arts and installation.

THIS LINK  contains a French translation of the IMAP Preservation guide.

Cultural Diversity in the Media Arts

This toolkits was developed to promote the presence of media artists and audiences from ethno-racial and Indigenous communities.

The IMAA Diversity committee assembled up-to-date links and ressources, including federal and provincial funding programs and community organizations.  It also includes recent examples of best practices from media arts organizations from all parts of Canada.  This toolkit can be seen as a work in progress and welcomes further contributions from the media arts community.

We encourage individuals to share this with others and if you wish to join the conversation, please contact IMAA’s office.

Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)

HR Toolkit – Booklets to help you solve your HR issues.
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