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Pre-budget Consultation Questions for the 2013 Federal Budget August 2012 (August 2012)
The IMAA commissioned MDR-Burgess Consultants to undertake a comprehensive examination of the employment standards in artist-run media arts organizations with the overall goal of recommending reference tools to improve human resources management. The report demonstrates that despite the excellent service being provided by artist-run media arts organizations, they face significant human resource challenges because of lack of funding. Base salaries examined for this report are comparable to findings in other studies, which were found to be low in relation to other not-for-profit sectors.

Excerpt from the report : Recommended Rate Structure for Employment Positions and Other Human Resources Tools


Report on Employment Standards and Human Resource Management in Canadian Artist-Run Media Arts Organizations
Re‐visioning the Visual Arts|Visual Arts Alliance – Summary Report  (September 2011)
Report on the Grants to Media Arts Organizations. (January 2011)