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Cyber Safe and Sound is a creation of The Independent Media Arts Alliance :

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  • Leyla Sutherland, Coordinator of IMAASource

Advisory Committee : Meagan Byrne, Cortney Cassidy, Victoria Fleming, Julie Gendron, Rondie Li, Niki Little, David Plant, Jason Ryle, Andrew Scholotiuk

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Cybersecurity consultants : Jean-Philippe Décarie-Mathieu et Geneviève Lajeunesse
Illustrations : Maylee Keo
Translation : Oana Avasilichioaei
Linguistic and scientific editing : Anne-Sophie Letellier
Revision : Hermine Ortega

This resource is based on the Cyber Security Knowledge Report, (August 13, 2019), produced by the Université de Montréal’s Smart Cyber security Network  (SERENE-RISC) for the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA).

Writing :

  • Nafi Safaou Niang, Executive Director
  • Fyscillia Ream, Scientific Coordinator

Publishing and documentary research :

  • Jasmin Pilon, Communication Advisor
  • Traian Toma, Research Assistant
  • Marielle Aithamon, PhD Student

We would also like to thank Lisa Theriault for initiating this project.

This resource could not have had its sparks without the invaluable advice of Gabrielle Anctil, Liane Décary-Chen, Anyse Ducharme, Benoit Grenier, Jean-Noé Landry, Isabelle L’Heureux, Garance Philippe, Pierre-David Oriol, Alexandre Sheldon and Yuan Stevens.

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