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Applications due Friday, March 4th 2016

Download this document: CFAT Local Artist Call


Twice a year, CFAT’s Local Artist-In-Residence Program provides an opportunity for a single established local media artist to develop a new work involving audio, video, or new media. In exchange, the LAIR is expected to present their work, teach workshops, and meet with the local community.

The successful applicant will receive over $1000 of in-kind support in the form of Production and Editing memberships, access to facilities and equipment, a $1700 artist fee, a $300 speaker fee for conducting a talk or workshop for the community about their project, and access to technical assistance during the residency. Past LAIRs include D’Arcy Wilson, Lisa Lipton, Krista Davis, Will Robinson, Khanhthan Tran, Melanie Colosimo, Eryn Foster, Sym Corrigan and Léola Leblanc.

Local residencies take place at the Centre for Art Tapes, 2238 Maitland Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The successful applicant will have access to equipment and facilities for a period of six months from April 2016 through Sept 2016. Residency candidates must be present in Halifax, and available to CFAT members during this period.

How to Apply
A peer assessment committee evaluates applications. Applicants must submit the following digital files:

1.  A detailed description of the project or idea addressing concept, themes, subject matter, and background research/history; maximum two pages.

2.  A treatment describing aesthetic considerations and how the work may look and sound; maximum one page. If applicable include storyboards, sketches, diagrams or samples.

3.  A description of how CFAT facilities will be used to contribute to the creation of the work. A list of available equipment and facilities can be found on the CFAT website.

4.  A production timeline: the residency may make up part or all of the production time.

5.  A production budget detailing all anticipated expenses and revenues, both confirmed and pending, related to the project; please indicate how the residency artist fee will contribute to the project budget.

6.  Support material in the following formats will be accepted. The entirety of the support material should not exceed 2GB. Video / audio files can be sent as Vimeo or YouTube links, or delivered in person on a USB drive.

– Video (maximum 5 min) as Quicktime file using .h264 codec

– Audio (maximum 5 min) in .wav or .aiff format

– Images (maximum 10) as .jpg or .pdf no bigger than 2MB each

– Printed materials including scripts, reviews, essays, and/or catalogues of previous work as .pdf or rich text files (Apple Pages and MS Word will not be accepted due to compatibility issues.)

7.  Current CV or résume.

8.  If you intend to work with a technical assistant or a collaborator, include a description of how they will assist in the creation of the project, a copy of their CV or resume, and reference to them in your production budget.

Please submit the above files and/or media links via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or in person on USB drive or DVD, by the deadline. Support material cannot be accepted as email attachments because our email server isn’t large enough. Dropbox and WeTransfer links can be emailed to

Applications will be considered incomplete without all of the above materials. Incomplete applications could result in the committee’s inability to consider the proposed project.

Residency Requirements
The chosen Resident will be required to:

  • –  Be available to interact with CFAT members and the public in-house once a week
  • –  Meet with the Programming and Communications Coordinator twice during the Program to map progress
  • –  Draft a brief report that will be used to strengthen the Local Artist-in-Residence Program for future years including a tracking of equipment and facilities usage
  • –  Present an artist-talk, presentation, or workshop to end their Residency
  • –  Wrap-up their Residency and submit archival material no later than Sept 30th, 2016, unless otherwise approved by the Director

Eligibility Applicants must:

  • –  Be a CFAT member of good standing at the time of application (artists may become a member at the time of application)
  • –  Have a minimum of three years of professional artistic practice and completed a significant body of media arts work that is listed on CV
  • –  Be a resident of Nova Scotia

Other eligibility notes:

  • –  Teams/collaborations of artists may apply (although the overall amount of award remains the same)
  • –  Proposed projects must be considered ‘independent’ or ‘artist-driven’ with the artist retaining complete creative and editorial control
  • –  Please note commercial projects such as calling card films, television pilots, industrial/corporate projects are not eligible

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • –  Demonstrate innovation (through content, artist’s point of view, or experimentation with form, technology, style, and/or process; it may also be through the uniqueness and diversity of the community represented)
  • –  Propose to use CFAT facilities to the fullest potential
  • –  Demonstrate feasibility in terms of time and budget considerations


Please include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want your submission materials returned. All other materials will be kept on file for four months.

For more information please contact Centre for Art Tapes:

902-422-6822 or


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