Submit to Blink | AkimboTV’s Monthly Super-Short Video Festival

Blink is a monthly, thematic super-short video festival hosted by Akimbo and presented on our online video channel AkimboTV. Every month artists are invited to submit short videos on a different theme and submit them using Instagram and Vine for a chance to be included in the Top 12.

Our 2016 program explores a variety of themes designed to challenge and inspire.

How it works:

  • Make a video on the month’s theme using Instagram, Boomerang, Vine, or other app.
  • Share the video on Vine or Instagram with #Blink and the hashtag for the month’s theme (see themes below).
  • Follow and tag @akimboart.
  • Make and share as many videos as you’d like.

All month long we’ll share our favourite videos on Twitter and Tumblr. The Top 12 videos for each month will be featured on AkimboTV and the top video will receive a prize from one of our partners.

#Blink is open to everyone. There is no fee to enter and no limit to how many times you can enter.

  • Learn how to make and submit a video on Instagram here.
  • Learn how to make a video on Boomerang here.
  • Learn how to make and submit a video on Vine here.

2016 Video Themes

January: Movement
It’s the opposite of stillness. It’s where changes begin, occur, and are observed. Where do you see movement? In yourself? In the objects around you? From the subtle to the obvious, share your videos showcasing, celebrating, and examining « movement » with us. Share using #Movement + #Blink.
Deadline: January 26 | Winner announced: February 1 | Prize: Copy of Blackflash

February: Hibernation
The cold months can often mean retreat and isolation. Perhaps an opportunity to reflect and gain some repose. Are you hibernating? Where do you see hibernation taking form? Share using #Hibernation + #Blink.
Deadline: February 24 | Winner Announced: March 1 | Prize: Ryerson Image Centre’s « Human Rights Human Wrongs »

March: Collage
In some way or another we are all great collectors; taking inspiration from those before us, mixing that with our own identity, inspiring those in front of us. What pastiches do you see in your own work? How do you use collages, both figuratively and literally, in the makeup of the world around you? Share using #Collage + #Blink.
Deadline: March 27 | Winner Announced: April 1 | Prize: Ryerson Image Centre’s “The Light Inside: Wendy Snyder MacNeil, Photographs and Films »

April: Sound
There is a constant soundtrack playing around our ears, even if we aren’t listening. Close your eyes, feel the resonance of the world, and show it off. Share using #Sound + #Blink.
Deadline: April 26 | Winner Announced: May 2 | Prize: 1 Year Subscription to PhotoEd

May: Masks
Some say masks are a way to hide. Others say they are a way to reveal. What masks do you and those around you wear? Are they chosen or imposed? Share using #Masks + #Blink
Deadline: May 26 | Winner Announced: June 1 | Prize: 1 Year Subscription to Ciel variable

Start brainstorming, experimenting, and submit.

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