IMAA announces the departure of National Director Emmanuel Madan

Message from IMAA Vice-chair Cecilia Araneda, August 23, 2017:

On behalf of the board of directors of IMAA, I would like to announce the departure of National Director Emmanuel Madan, and express our gratitude for his efforts in advancing the entire media arts sector during his tenure.

Madan is moving on to a position with Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund, where he will continue supporting the development of the arts in Canada at a larger scale.

From 2014 to 2017, Madan built upon IMAA’s work contributing to the development of three national media arts summits, supporting the sector in its transition to the Canada Council’s new funding model, and maintaining strategic partnerships with cross-sector Canadian arts groups, among other ongoing development and advocacy activities.

Among Madan’s many achievements for IMAA include working to develop the Canada Council / IMAA partnership for the GGAVMA video portraits series, organizing a series of discipline-specific caucus gatherings in 2016/2017, developing the new IMAASource knowedge base and resource hub (to be published soon), and guiding the organization through a new, three-year action plan.

Additionally, Madan has led the IMAA through timely organizational transition planning to strengthen its foothold during the high-change period we are currently immersed within that will require added resilience and adaptability on the part of the entire media arts sector.

IMAA board Chair Cease Wyss will shortly convene a hiring committee to lead IMAA through its upcoming search for a new National Director, who will continue to build upon the work of all IMAA staff and volunteers, past and present.

In the meantime, please join me in congratulating Emmanuel for his many important achievements as National Director of IMAA and for his continued commitment to the arts in Canada as he moves onto the next stage of his professional career.

Cecilia Araneda
Vice Chair, IMAA


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