Independent Media Arts Access Network (IMAAN)

The Independent Media Arts Access Network (IMAAN) is a network consisting mainly of IMAA-affiliated production centres who have adopted and/or adapted a policy that extends certain membership privileges to artists travelling from other participating centres. In other words, IMAAN facilitates artists in accessing equipment and facilities from centres in other cities, without having to take out multiple memberships.

+ A number of festivals and organizations working in sectors other than production are also part of the IMAAN. They offer benefits to artists who are members of participating centers and organizations.

+ The National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC) and its members benefit  from the IMAAN since 2022.

Organizations participating in IMAAN continue to set their own rules, regulations and requirements regarding the use of their equipment or facilities, that are subject to change at any time under their own policies, by-laws and codes of conduct. The IMAAN is an opportunity to strengthen the links between artists and centres in the Canadian independent media arts community. If you are an artist who is a member of a participating IMAAN organization and would like to benefit from the network, please contact your organization or the organizations you are interested in for more information.

IMAAN Participating Organizations: