IMAA Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2024

The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) announces its recommendation for a minimum increase to be added to the Media Arts Fee Schedule for 2024.

The current fee schedule was put in place by a vote from IMAA members at the 2022 AGM, as a goal to be achieved by 2024. That being said, these are only the recommended minimum fees. An updated fee schedule will be published in 2025.

For 2024, when applying for grants in particular, we recommend a minimum increase of 5% or the percentage of inflation in your area. The 5% recommendation is a simplified average of a 2% increase for 2023 and an additional 3% increase for 2024. Given that in 2022 the national inflation rate reached 8.1%, advocating for these inflation-based increases in your funding requests is both necessary and urgent.

Consult the IMAA Fee Schedule for 2024

The objective of the 2022-24 IMAA Fee Schedule is to raise the standards to which the entire independent media arts community should strive, in keeping with its values of fair remuneration for artists. We encourage organizations to follow the spirit of the Guiding Principles and to use the Fee Schedule when budgeting for future programming, as well as to refer to it in grant applications.