About the Project

Supported through Heritage Canada’s Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives program, this is a first time, small-scale resource redistribution initiative for IMAA aimed at increasing capacity, connection and support within the independent media arts community. Led by the needs of our members, it will financially and administratively support selected organizations in finding and employing a ‘consultant’ to support their anti-racism capacity building project.

Five selected organizations within IMAA’s membership will receive a subtle yet powerful boost of up to $8,000 to put towards working with someone who will support your initiative. This careful fusion of resources is designed to empower smaller projects, equipping your organization with the tools and support needed to make a genuine and lasting impact.

How do I get involved?

The call for participation is now closed. For more details about the call, please see our FAQ + Call for Proposals.  

Information Sessions:

  • On June 1st, we held an open discussion with our Discord Server members about the upcoming project. We chatted with Project Manager, Faraz Abdullah (they/them) about some of the goals and challenges of CSMARI. 


Project Manager: Faraz Abdullah (they/them), csmari@imaa.ca

Administrative Support: Yuko Fedrau (she/they), Barbora Racevičiūtė (she/her), Lindsey Wilson (she/her) 

Oversight Committee: 

    • Eunice Bélidor
    • Yun-Jou Chang
    • Samuel Garrigó-Meza
    • Eusebio Lopez-Aguilar
    • Juhi Sohani 

Get in touch with us

For any questions, please contact Faraz Abdullah (csmari@imaa.ca).

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