Committees are designed to promote discussion and on-going communication with the membership in a specific area. Committees assist with any specific issues relating to a motion from the AGM. Committees may suggest actions to the Board of Directors. Committee members may represent the IMAA at meetings as deemed pertinent by the chair of the committee. Committee members may not make any decisions that contravene the mandate of the organization itself or the by-laws of the corporation.

1. Advocacy Tasks Forces
Advocacy-related activities are at the core of IMAA’s mission. To attain our long-term goal of advancing and strengthening the Canadian media arts community, IMAA forms Advocacy Task Forces on an ad hoc basis for specific purposes. Examples of recent task forces include the Arts Day on the Hill initiative, Date Your MP and Pre-budget Consultation. IMAA also drafts position papers, briefs and letters as well as organizing meetings to ensure open and constructive dialogue between the media arts community and policymakers and funding bodies.

2. 2018 National Media Arts Summit Committee
The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) in partnership with the National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC) are pleased to announce that the National Indigenous Media Arts Conference will take place June 13-15, 2018 in Saskatoon, SK. This joint NIMAC-IMAA summit will foreground issues of concern to the Indigenous media arts community from across Canada. It will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, performances, exhibitions and screenings.
The conference will take place at Wanuskewin Heritage Park  about 15 minutes outside of the city, along with satellite programming in various venues around Saskatoon.

The Conference Organizing Committee is working towards coordinating a successful National Indigenous Media Arts Conference.

3. Research Advisory Committee
The goal of this committee is to guide IMAA’s new research project, “Assessing Sector Needs & Researching New Potential Services”. ” The proposed project is a capacity and needs assessment of the independent media arts sector and research into new potential services, laying the groundwork for IMAA’s transformation into a provider of professional development and support services. Information will be collected using participatory research and will be guided by IMAA staff and an advisory committee. This new direction in IMAA’s activities will benefit the sector by offering increased support and assistance to organizations, collectives, and artists. This major shift will require significant research and preparation and will be essential to enhancing IMAA’s sustainability and re-affirming IMAA’s indispensable position within the independent media arts ecosystem.

7. Media Arts Delegation Working Group
The Media Arts Delegation Working Group will organize a Canadian Media Arts Delegation, composed of media artists and representatives of media arts organizations. This Delegation will participate in an international festival, event or other media arts gathering in order to raise the profile of Canadian media artists and of the media arts sector as a whole.