The interConnect resources are online!

During the summer and fall of 2023, interConnect brought together artists, arts professionals, and organizations to share and build knowledge about digital projects and practices. +INFO interConnect | Project Overview

Many insights and conversations are now available on Praxis, a platform for discovering and sharing knowledge for a more collaborative and open society. Anyone is also encouraged to contribute to this shared community resource! [Praxis, How-to Guide by IMAA]  *Note: Praxis’ interface is only in French, but an English interface should be available soon!

All the material produced as part of the initiative is now available! Here are links to the main resources:

➤ Co-Learning Groups Reflection Notes (6 notes)
Each group wrote a note giving more context about their conversations, detailing the notes they produced, and sharing the lessons they learned about their discussion areas and the co-learning process more generally.

➤ Finding and Working with Digital Tools in the Visual and Media Arts Sector (19 notes)
This collection brings together an array of resources for working digitally in the arts, including guides to using digital tools, information on arts databases, and firsthand learning from engaging with digital platforms. 

➤ Access and planning considerations for interactive media exhibitions (7 notes)
This collection provides key design insights for working with and presenting interactive media art forms, all based on hands-on experience.

➤ Project Management for the Arts Sector (13 notes)
This collection brings together notes on project management in media arts, particularly for in-person events, online presentations, or making spaces more accessible.

➤ Digital Initiatives in the Broad Visual and Media Arts Sector (41 notes)
A community map documenting digital projects and initiatives in the broad visual and media arts sector. You can add your own!

➤ INTERCONNECTIONS, the final event (1 note accompanying the 1h 45min recording)
In the spirit of collaboration, this event presented insight from each co-learning group with the guiding prompt: How can we foster a more interconnected digital transformation in the arts sector?

➤ interConnect Web: A Gathering of Resources (95 notes)
If you’re not sure of what you are looking for or would like to find resources about digital transformation, we invite you to take a look and explore!

Key takeaway for IMAA
interConnect allowed for a vast consultation and mobilization of the arts community. The creation of the discussion areas was an important milestone to reflect on the impact of digital technology within our sector and the co-learning group structure was a much-needed framework for information exchange and collaboration. 

The project’s focus was ambitious and priorities were, sometimes, difficult to establish. As an organization, interConnect improved IMAA’s capacity for collective inquiry by giving us an opportunity to revise many of our internal processes and test a new collective knowledge base system. Through these learnings, we strengthened our understanding of the role we play within the arts sector.


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